7 Top Tips for Flawless Beach Wedding Makeup

August 2, 2018

Getting married in Cyprus can be a magical affair, and many couples take advantage of beach wedding packages to exchange their vows on the shoreline while basking in the glorious Cyprus sun. Some people aren’t used to the Mediterranean climate, however, and one of the areas they often forget to adapt for the hotter climes is their makeup.

Here are some of our top tips for maintaining great makeup on the sunny shores of Cyprus.


A proper base

Always use an oil-free moisturiser and, where possible, an oil-free foundation formula that matches it. It helps to prevent a greasy sheen to your skin under the direct heat.

A good primer

Primers are essential in the Cypriot heat. You don’t even feel it on your face, but it works wonders to keep your makeup set and smooth and avoid slippage.

Keep it light

Less is more. The perfect solution if you’re worried about your makeup streaking, sliding, or otherwise running is simply to use less of it. Ideally, just a tinted moisturiser and concealer will do the trick.


Sheer perfection

Richer, deeper colours look heavy under the Cypriot sun, so why not change to the sheer versions of your favourite eye and lip colour combinations?

Stronger shadow

For eyeshadow that lasts longer, no matter how hot it is, swap your eye cream for a powder foundation, promising greater support and durability for your shadow.

If you’re too hot… blot

Blotting paper is a lifesaver if you’re not used to a Mediterranean climate. Gentle pressure absorbs unwanted moisture caused by perspiration without streaking your make-up. Of course, you can follow up with more product – a pressed powder, say, to add a touch of luminescence.



Whether you’re worried about perspiration, tears, or spray from the sea, waterproof mascara and other water-resistant beauty products can save your look from streaking under wet conditions.

If you’re thinking of getting married in Cyprus, Weddings by Lordos offer a range of beach wedding packages to suit you. Our luxury and platinum packages include professional hair and make-up, guaranteeing that your look amazing on your big day.

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