Why Destination Weddings that Embrace Local Culture are 2018's Hottest Trend

June 4, 2018


Over the last few years, more and more couples are turning to intimate destination weddings for their special day, and the icing on the cake? Incorporating local cultures and traditions for a truly special day. Getting married in Cyprus can make for the perfect wedding, here’s why.


Growing Popularity of Intimate Destination Weddings



We’ve all been to a bunch of traditional, formal church-based weddings, and enjoyed all the classic trappings of a typical ceremony and event. Sure, it can be great, but it’s also very, very played out. Everyone’s been to a thousand of them, and very few stick in your memory too clearly. Why would anyone want their big special day to be anything even nearing cliché?


That’s exactly why intimate destination weddings are increasingly gaining traction and popularity among young couples. You can create a truly unique, heart-warming and original experience somewhere utterly gorgeous and special.


There’s tons of benefits, from actually proving cheaper than an over the top local wedding, to reducing stress and being able to count on decent weather. Plus, the fact is, who wouldn’t rather get married somewhere absolutely beautiful?


Incorporate Local Culture into Your Wedding


One of the best parts of any intimate destination wedding is the opportunity to incorporate beautiful local culture into your wedding, enabling you to adopt local traditions into your ceremony or pay tribute to the spectacular location you’re enjoying.


We’ve all experienced the slightly tired British wedding traditions, and all the many variations of them, but in the spirit of trying for real originality, and creating a truly memorable experience, why not try incorporating some local Cypriot culture into the proceedings?


Cypriot Wedding Customs



Traditional wedding foods like the ceremonial bread, koulouria, traditionally given out at the reception, can be a really fun way to give a nod to your surroundings. There’s many different foods and cuisines you can include in the plan, food being one of the most important elements of any wedding, and something that everyone looks forward to.


Ceremonial headbands are another top way to pay homage to the local area and create a truly memorable experience. Traditionally, the maid of honour places a headband, known as a stefana, on the brides head, with the best man doing something similar for the groom. The headbands are generally made of vines, olive branches, leaves, and some more typical wedding sights, gold and gemstones.


There’s plenty of other ways to incorporate local culture into your wedding, especially in a place as culturally rich as Cyprus. Have a chat with some locals or do some research, and you’ll find a whole litany of options and ideas to incorporate


Start Planning Your Dream Wedding Today


If you’re getting married at any one of the Lordos hotels, we can help you incorporate traditional Cypriot customs into your big day, take a look at our wedding packages page or get in touch for more details.

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