Design tips for your Cyprus wedding invitations

May 2, 2018


Now that you’ve decided to get married in one of the beautiful Lordos Golden Hotels in Cyprus, it's time to let everybody else know.

The wedding invitation is so much more than the dry information about times, dates and locations. It is your opportunity to let everybody know that you and your partner are about to be married, and that you want the recipients to be a part of the most important day in your life.

Even in this age of social media, where intentions are posted or tweeted as soon as they arise, the first impression most guests will have of your wedding will be the physical invitation.


You will want them to be as excited as you are at the prospect of attending a wedding ceremony in Cyprus, and this is the ideal place to start.


Anything goes

Gone are the days of the formal invitation on cream-coloured cards, though you can certainly go for such a style if you want to give them the traditional look. However, since you’re already making your wedding your own by getting married in Cyprus, shouldn’t your invitations reflect that?


Colour scheme

The colours of Cyprus, as seen on the Cypriot flag, are copper and olive green (144-C and 336-C respectively on the Pantone-C colour chart). Both colours are emblematic of the island (the name Cyprus derives from the Greek word for copper), and make for a tasteful scheme in any invitation.

A taste of sun, sea, and sky

You’re getting married in Cyprus, so why not give your guests a feel for it when they first open the invitation? A squirt of jasmine fragrance is redolent of the beautiful flowers that grow in the north of the island, and often fashioned into wedding garlands. A sprinkling of sand, and a few tiny shells (hygienic versions of both available from craft shops) hints of the beach fun to come. Alternatively, why not design your invitation like a passport or a plane ticket?

Getting married in Cyprus is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. For any further information on making your Cypriot wedding one to remember, contact Weddings by Lordos today.

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