Things to consider when inviting children to your destination wedding

March 5, 2018

Having children at your wedding can be a great thing when you’re getting married in Cyprus, but it’s important to remember that they’re going to be there, and to plan ahead about how to keep them engaged throughout the service and the reception. Remember, this is your Big Day, but to the children, it’s a Mediterranean holiday, and all of their extended family is there as well.


Little jobs for little guests

If you have little members of the family attending – nieces, nephews, and so on – then why not give them their own jobs? Every wedding is better for the inclusion of a cute little flower girl or page boy, so why not use them? Older children might like to be ushers, or to hand out Orders of Service. The little kids will love the attention, while the older ones will be pleased with the responsibility you’re giving them, and it gives them something to focus on during the ceremony.


Happy Snappers

Speaking of focus, invest in some disposable cameras, and give the kids free reign. Not only will it keep them occupied, and provide fun both for them and the rest of your guests, you never know – you might have a budding David Bailey in the family and get some really good shots out of them.


Keeping them entertained

While a children’s table at the reception is almost a tradition now, why not take things a step further? As well as a dining table, give them a craft table for drawing and making things during downtime in the reception, or hire an entertainer to keep them busy for a couple of hours. Have someone act as the children’s own private waiter, fetching and carrying party food and drinks. Speaking of drinks, why not run up some kids’ cocktails (only fruit juices, but loaded with umbrellas, twisty straws, and fresh fruit around the rim!).

When inviting children to your wedding in Cyprus, Weddings by Lordos can provide you with all the help we can in making it a special day for them, as well as you.

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