What to include on a guest information checklist

February 6, 2018


Getting married in Cyprus is an exciting time for both bride and groom. As the big day approaches you will have to arrange for suitable clothing for the day and night, accommodation for you and your wedding party, and the venue for the ceremony, be it a church, chapel, or on one of the island’s idyllic white-sand beaches with a flawless blue sky overhead.

But what about your guests?

Whether it’s a handful of your nearest and dearest friends and family, or an extended gathering in Cyprus to celebrate your marriage, an overseas wedding requires a little more thought about your guests and how they are going to make it to your ceremony.

We recommend writing a Guest Information Checklist. You can print it off and slip it inside your wedding invitations.

What to include



How detailed you make the list is up to you, but we recommend the following as an absolute bare minimum...

Timetable for the wedding day

Make sure everyone manages to get there on time with these essentials:

  • The wedding date

  • The ceremony location and time

  • The reception location and time

  • Location and time of any pick-ups if you are providing transport from the hotel to the ceremony

Wedding destination

Most people will never have visited the area so be as specific as possible:

  • Give the full address of where you are getting married

  • Include a map

  • You might like to briefly explain why you and your partner are getting married in Cyprus

Travel information

Make it easy for guests to attend by giving them as much of the travel information they need as possible:

  • Explain which airport in Cyprus is closest to your venue

  • Which airlines make flights to that airport

  • What transport exists to get them to their hotel



Having a place to get changed in and go back to after the wedding and relax is essential for wedding guests:

  • Recommended places to stay, with their nightly rate per room, or per person, as well as contact details

  • Any discount you have managed to negotiate with one of the hotels

  • Whether or not you will be booking accommodation on your guests’ behalf

General information

Is there anything else that guests need to know? Consider:

  • Dress code (particularly important if you're having a church wedding in Cyprus)

  • Wedding gifts (perhaps ask that gifts be left at home, to avoid the necessity of transporting them home or suggest using the gift tree instead)

  • Likely weather conditions on the day of your wedding

Putting together a checklist for your guests can make things a lot easier and more organised for them. If you need assistance making your wedding in Cyprus easier for you, contact Weddings by Lordos and let us help you make your wedding day as perfect as it can be.

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