Tips For Transporting Your Wedding Dress

April 11, 2017


One of the aspects of wedding planning that brides typically love the most has got to be shopping for the wedding dress. When you’ve found the right one, you just know. Once you’ve got it, the prospect of wearing it when your big day finally arrives can be very exciting.


However, if you’re getting married in Cyprus but you live in the UK, a worrying problem might suddenly surface. How on earth are you going to get that gorgeous dress packed up and shipped off on a four-and-a-half-hour flight across the length of the continent?


If you’re on the verge of panicking, please don’t! There’s always a way, but transporting a delicate dress may require some careful planning.


Travelling by plane


For most people, the flight will be the most difficult part of the journey if you’re worried about protecting the wedding dress. We have a few recommendations to help you (and your dress) get through this process smoothly.


Firstly, never put your wedding dress in your hold luggage. If it’s out of sight, anything could happen to it, and you might never forgive yourself! To carry it as hand luggage, though, you will need to check the airline’s policy to find out how helpful they can be. Give them a call and see if there are any special allowances they can make.


If possible, keep the dress in the original bag you got it in, and make sure it’s very clearly labelled so it can’t be misplaced or misidentified. Someone else on your flight may be off for a Cyprus beach wedding too, and you don’t want them to take your dress by mistake after getting all the way there in one piece.


Travelling by car


You will most likely need to get to and/or from the airport by car, so your dress will probably spend some time on the road as well. Keep it in its dedicated bag for protection, as the vehicle you’re in may not be as clean as you think, and stains are one of the biggest enemies you’ll face on this mission.


The best place to put your dress in a car is hanging it from a hook above the back seat door. This helps to keep it completely flat for the most part. If you have to lay it down, make sure nothing is ever placed on top of it.


Above all, we urge you to remember that your wedding day should be exciting and happy! A little preparation and planning should save you a lot of stress, which is almost always the case. Good luck on your journey!

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