Beyond The Ceremony – Entertainment Ideas For Your Guests

March 21, 2017



Many people love the idea of turning their wedding celebration into a fun, international event which also serves as a memorable holiday for all of their friends and family. Our Cyprus wedding packages can cover everything you need on the day, but what about the rest of the trip?


This is the beauty of destination wedding venues in Cyprus such as our own hotels, because you’re in the perfect location to organise some great activities and keep your guests entertained for the remainder of their time on the island.


We highly recommend planning some fun events and adventures both before and after the wedding itself, and if you’re looking for inspiration you could consider the following…


1) A cocktail reception


The ideal way to welcome your guests when they first arrive is to host a relaxed reception with drinks. You don’t need to go crazy with the planning here, just keep things simple, let everyone get their own cocktails at the bar, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. You could even host it on the beach!


2) A turtle-spotting cruise


One of the most popular activities around the coastline of Cyprus is heading out on a boat to try and see the famous native turtles in their natural habitat. Wherever you are on the island, you’re never far from an affordable cruise, so take an hour or two with your guests to enjoy this unique experience.


3) Water sports and activities


Another great advantage of being close to the Mediterranean Sea is that a whole host of water-based activities are right on your doorstep. If you want to go beyond the pool at your hotel, everything is on offer nearby from snorkelling to paragliding. Some activities will be better suited to smaller or larger groups, so it depends how many guests you have.


4) A traditional Greek meal


Why not take advantage of the wonderful Greek influences on the local culture in Cyprus and sit down with your guests for a traditional celebratory meal? Head to one of the authentic tavernas in your area to try kleftiko, sheftalia, halloumi and more local favourites, or share a meze to get a taste of everything. Alternatively you could even arrange the event at your hotel instead.


5) See the historical sites


There are many popular tourist attractions across the island based on centuries of rich history, and most are ideal for large groups to visit. See the incredible Tombs of the Kings, the ancient remains of Kourion, and a large selection of other archaeological sites across the island. Cyprus is also known for its many traditional churches and even several small castles. If you have a group of guests who are interested in history, you won’t run out of places to visit within reach of your local area.

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