Do I Have To Pay For My Wedding Guests’ Expenses?

February 15, 2017



There are many unwritten rules concerning wedding etiquette, and many questions that might occur to you while you’re in the planning stage of your destination wedding. There are also several myths that continue to be perpetuated, many of which are not really true.

One such myth that we hear quite often is that the couple getting married are responsible for paying the expenses of their guests, including travel, accommodation and sometimes even more. The thought of this added expense is often horrifying, and understandably so.

We can safely say that this is absolutely not true, and you should never feel obliged to pay for these things on behalf of your guests. By choosing to have your wedding in Cyprus, or indeed any other destination that’s a long way from home, you’re simply doing what you want to do. That’s the point of putting together your dream wedding package!

For that reason, you should never feel guilty about the expenses of your guests. You’re offering an invitation to share this special time with you and your new husband or wife, and asking for them to contribute to your day by being present. For most people, as long as they can afford to travel and stay near your wedding venue, this is an honour they won’t want to miss.

Remember that you’re not just inviting people to your wedding, but a fantastic holiday with close friends and family that’s sure to be memorable. You will probably be hosting several additional events (like welcome parties and rehearsals) over the course of a few days and paying for your guests to eat and drink multiple times. This all counts towards your expenses already, so it would be unfair to expect more.

Of course, there may be additional expenses for your guests compared to having a wedding close to home. Unfortunately it might be the case that not everyone can afford to join you, but there will always be some compromises when planning a wedding. In rare cases you might feel so strongly that you want to give particular guests a little financial subsidy so they can join you on your wedding day. This is entirely up to you, but rest assured that nobody should be expecting any such offer.

What you might want to do is contact a suitable hotel to cater to your wedding party, as it makes it easier having all your guests in the same place. You wouldn’t be expected to make any bookings, but if you let the hotel know how many rooms to set aside and ask all your guests to make it clear that they’re part of your wedding party when you book, you may be able to secure a special price for everyone.

At Weddings by Lordos, we would love to hear from you about your Cyprus wedding plans and help you create a package that covers your wedding venue, accommodation and all the services you need. Simply contact us and we’ll be happy to help you with your booking.


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