Choosing The Right Dress For A Cyprus Beach Wedding

January 17, 2017




Making decisions will be the main thing you do in the run-up to your wedding, but if you’ve already decided on getting married in Cyprus then you’ve made your first excellent choice. As with all aspects of your dream wedding, there really are no right or wrong answers, but it’s worth considering some advice on some matters.

For example, a Cyprus beach wedding is ideal for many reasons, although it can create some minor complications when it comes to choosing your outfit. Dressing for the beach will come with a few limitations, so it’s important to consider this when deciding on a wedding dress – the most crucial outfit of all.

Here are our top tips for helping you pick a wedding dress for a beach ceremony.

1) Your preference is what matters most

Above all, don’t let the setting of your wedding be the major factor when selecting a bridal gown. It should be the one you (the bride) feel is the most special. A spectacular dress that makes you feel great on your wedding day is more important than a practical choice.

2) Be willing to consider practicality

All that being said, it’s worth taking into account the limitations of a beach wedding in Cyprus if you’re torn between a few dresses and you love them all. If you’re happy to at least consider your choices, you can move onto the next step.

3) Huge dresses may not be ideal

The traditional “meringue” style dress is likely to be too hot if you’re getting married on the beach during the day, and in any case it’s going to be difficult to transport without damaging or crushing it. If possible, avoid anything with too many layers of fabric, especially synthetic ones.

4) Consider modern styles

More modern and fashionable options for wedding dresses tend to be lighter and less over the top, so they’re generally more suited to destination weddings because they can be transported more easily and are more comfortable to wear in hot weather.

5) Ditch the train

The idea of the long train attached to your wedding dress might be appealing, and if you really can’t picture your wedding without it then you’ll be able to make it work. However, this can be somewhat difficult to pull off elegantly on a beach, where the train has to be dragged across the sand and might even get wet (and extremely heavy).

6) Consider specialist designers

Did you know there are wedding dress specialists who design outfits specifically with destination weddings in mind? You may be better off consulting these types of designers in order to ensure you get something that’s suitable for exactly what you’re planning.


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