July 5, 2016


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Maybe you have just started planning your wedding, and you’re feeling lost and overwhelmed (good point!)


Maybe your wedding is coming up, and you’ve suddenly realised that you need someone to deal with the paperwork, or get the best suppliers, organise the ceremony venue and make it look amazing, or manage your mother-in-law; perhaps even to tell you how to keep the little ones amused and set up the reception site – anyone that isn’t you of course (another good point!)

Maybe you just feel like you deserve a break? (This is by far the best point!)

I have to tell you – you have arrived, your fairy godmother in the guise of the Golden Weddings Group is here.

So if you are thinking of getting married in Cyprus, then look no further than where you are right now!

We have 3 stunning locations to choose from, each one of which brings something elegant, new and fresh to the table… If you want the best relaxed and carefree wedding, then you can be in no better place than in the hands of Weddings By Lordos Golden Hotels.

There are so many fabulous things to say about this group of hotels (including the obvious - they really carry out amazing weddings).  But I’m now going to give them what I consider one of my highest personal compliments - this group of hotels are enablers; of the good kind. If it can be done, they can do it.   No is generally not a part of their vocabulary. 


Here you have the best of both worlds: expert help from the UK wedding coordinator – Jenny, and also the aide of onsite hotel coordinators, who are truly brilliant.

In short, it makes me overwhelmingly happy that those of you who are getting married, can be assured that no matter which hotel you choose, this group will always offer something priceless for your wedding!

They will take care of hauling all of the chairs and dealing with your pain-in-the-butt aunt, so you can just tune into what you should be doing - getting married.

As I have said, their answer to “Can we do this?” is always an emphatic “YES!” We are proud to say our weddings are always client-driven; we are indeed the “go to company” for making things happen.

We are also anti-drama, and just as excited about your ideas as you are, aiming to make your dreams a reality

2016 Wedding Trends


The following trends have been compiled from many sources:




Wedding dresses with soft tulle layers, large ruffles and beaded embellishments are prominent themes for today's bridal gowns.


Brides today choose romantic flowing dresses in floor-length styles with combinations of overlaid detachable skirts made of chiffon, organza or tulle so they can remove them later and show a different look for the reception.   Many dresses feature intricate embroidery, beaded or sequined embellishments, three dimensional floral details and delicate lace cutwork. A-line dress shapes and high necklines are also very popular styles.


Open-back dresses with sheer, detailed lace designs are trending this year, as are dresses with lace sleeves. Many designers this year have also included full ball gowns and lots of dresses are in soft creams, blush pinks and pastel blues.   Of course for Cyprus, it is very hot and that princess ball gown you have always dreamt of, may not be the best option to wear in the heat of the Cypriot sun. It is highly advisable to go for Grecian styles or lightweight dresses.  On a personal level I would wear whatever I had always dreamt off and have a second dress to change into after the photo shoot.  Always a good reason to buy two dresses girls.




Shorter trains and veils (especially bird cage veils) are very popular. Light weight fabrics, including organza, lace, tulle and chiffon, make perfect wraps for the evening and can also reduce sun exposure on bare arms and shoulders during the day.


Pearls, rhinestones and crystals remain the top jewellery choices for necklaces.  Additionally, crystals are a popular accent for wearing on the dress, in the hair, or on the bouquet handle.


Many brides are now also accenting their shoes with shoe clips made from tulle, feathers, fabric flowers and/or crystals.


Hair ornaments such as hairpins, feather fascinators, hair vines, or flowers (real or silk) are popular choices too - although personally I do not recommend real flowers for your hair, as it is so very hot - we do not want your photographs showing wilted flowers on your head. 

Beautiful combs and headbands made with rhinestones, crystals, feathers or pearls have been the trend for very many seasons.   Some brides place their veils directly onto their hair, or use a single silk flower for a simple, but classic look. 




We have our very own hair salons on the premises of all three hotels.

There are no clear trends in bridal hair styles, although wearing the hair in long romantic waves, braids, or loosely pulled back are often chosen for brides with long hair. 




Most popular wedding colour choices in 2016:

aqua, coral, yellow, mint, soft pink

turquoise, latte, plum, grey, navy.



Ninety-five percent of wedding bouquets are hand-tied, as such the flowers are gathered together and the stems are wrapped in wide satin ribbon.


Brides wanting more glamorous bouquets tend to choose beads, brooches (i.e. a brooch bouquet), jewel pins, pearls, crystal/rhinestone picks, and monogrammed or rhinestone ribbon, to dress up plain ribbon-wrapped stems and blooms.


With the continuing popularity of beach themed weddings, brides are wanting a more natural look to their bouquet - adding elements such as shells/starfish.  Personally, I love a bit of bling!


The rose continues to be the most popular and elegant bouquet flower choice. Lilies, peonies, hydrangeas, tulips and orchids represent the trendier choices.

Floral arrangements with a just-picked and looser casual look have replaced the more tightly-bound bouquet shapes of seasons past. Ask our UK representative for more ideas. 




In 2016 - couples are choosing wedding centre pieces that fit with their budget and theme.

You can use creative vase fillers including loose pearls, fake snow, sea glass, shells, acrylic ice, water absorbing crystals, submersible LED lights and even fresh fruits such as lemons, limes and oranges.


Ring pillows and flower girl baskets often come in colours other than just white and ivory and can include beads, pearls, ribbon(s) or handmade floral accents.


Silk rose petals, diamond confetti, and shells/starfish remain the most popular table decorations.


Reception chairs are adorned with either tulle, fabric overlays, sashes, floral arrangements and/or ribbons. Other popular decorations include Chinese lanterns, garlands and oversized balloons.


Candles are always a popular choice for centre pieces; they can lend a romantic feel to any room. Choices include pillars and tea lights.  Some facilities do not permit the use of candles, due to HASAB which is like Health and Safety in the UK  so safe alternatives include faux tea light candles, battery operated LED lights and submersible LED lights. 




Although completely optional, couples often now choose more unusual, useful and personalized, or handmade wedding favours, to thank their guests for coming to their wedding. In many cases, the favours serve a double-duty, both as place-card holders and table decorations. Our clients just love our name place cookies, which look amazing and of course you get to eat them – again your colour theme can be used for these.


Wedding favours are definitely an area of weddings that has gone more towards the DIY (do-it-yourself) route in recent years.

TIP: Have some fun being creative and why not get the wedding party together to lend a hand!

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