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Cyprus Weddings

A true gem in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is the ideal retreat to escape away from everyday hustle and bustle and indulge in the many pleasures of the island. Discover the array of unique destinations within the island, each one with its own distinct character and ambiance. Sought to be the birthplace of Aphrodite - the Greek goddess of beauty and love, Cyprus has turned this whimsical ancient mythology into reality. Getting married in Cyprus or indeed celebrating any event alongside the stunning natural scenery, will create a truly fabulous experience and leave very fond memories.

With a long summer and a soft mellow winter, your dream, either of exploring the secrets of the island or having a wedding in Cyprus, can become true at any time of the year. Carrying the traits of Aphrodite, visitors are amazed by the warmth and hospitality of the people of Cyprus and their close attention to detail. We need no excuse to plan any celebration, allowing us to transform your wedding in Cyprus into something magical. For first time visitors, Cyprus never ceases to amaze, with its variety of cultural events and well-kept traditions; all accompanied by world renowned Cypriot delicacies. Broaden your gastronomic horizons, by treating yourself in the exceptional local cuisine.  Often buzzing around the island, many festivals and celebrations show excellently the Cyprus craft, foods and delightful hospitality. People try their best to make guests feel welcome and at home. This is reflected in every event organised in Cyprus, making any celebration or wedding, special.

To fully experience Cyprus, there is no need for careful planning. Given that the island is small, you never have to travel too far, making hundreds of beautiful destinations easily accessible. Upon travelling across the island, one will be astonished by the multi-layered landscape of Cyprus.

The city of Larnaca in Cyprus provides a range of inland locations for wedding, but can also offer romantic beach weddings. The laid back lifestyle, the gorgeous surrounding coastlines and the historic monuments which peak in the modern city - all different options, which provide gorgeous backdrops for weddings in Cyprus. So whether you are looking for the glamour of a Cyprus beach wedding, or the charm of weddings in Cyprus with a historic essence, Larnaca can satisfy every need.


For a more exclusive destination, the small yet cosmopolitan village of Protaras is one of the island’s highlights. The picturesque village is nestled amongst endless beaches of natural beauty with crystal blue waters. When in Protaras, you will find yourself in a Mediterranean paradise. The warmth of the shining sun on your shoulders, the soft, tickling sand and the salty, ocean breeze create a symphony of senses that will enhance any weddings in Cyprus, creating the most memorable wedding experience.


Say 'I do' against a stunning seaside backdrop, washed with warm sunshine and surrounded by the scents and sights that are the very essence of a Mediterranean paradise. Welcome to Aphrodite's island of love.


A sense of freedom amidst the spacious landscaped grounds in Protaras creates a tranquil escape that feels like your own private island.

Our Protaras hotel offers a variety of wedding venues which will accommodate your needs according to the number of guests and your individual preferences. Choose between our picturesque beach wedding venue, the Anglican Church wedding venue, the private pool and the Mediterranean Tavern.


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