Celebrate Your Marriage at one of the Best Wedding Venues in Cyprus. Weddings By Lordos offers you five and four Star Beach Hotel Venues located in Larnaca and Protaras. We seek only perfection when it comes to the greatest day of your life and this is what we will achieve.  


The Weddings by Lordos conduct over 100 weddings in Cyprus per year. There are four amazing wedding packages to choose from - Freedom, Grand, Luxury and Platinum. This really allows you to   to create your own glamorous wedding.
One of our goals is to serve newlyweds with the greatest pleasure; meeting your every need and expectation. Nothing is more important to us than your wedding day. 
We are experienced enough to provide for you, a truly perfect beginning to a lifetime of happiness.

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4 Star Lordos Beach Hotel Venue
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4 Star Lordos Beach Hotel Gardens
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Lordos Beach Hotel
4 Star Golden Coast Beach Hotel
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4 Star Golden Coast Beach Hotel
4 Star Golden Coast Beach Hotel
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4 Star Lordos Beach Hotel Dinner


The wedding ceremony will be conducted in English and all paperwork - including the Marriage Certificate (which is fully recognised in the United Kingdom), will be issued in English. Two witnesses will be required in accordance with Cyprus Law. We will be only too pleased to provide witnesses should the happy couple require this. Your UK wedding representative will be on hand to guide you through the legalities and we at the Lordos Golden Hotels will take care of you at all times. It is always best at the time of the registration to order an extra three copies of the marriage certificate.
Both the Bride and Groom should be in Cyprus for at least 3 working days prior to the wedding. However, as long as we have checked your paperwork in advance, the three day rule does not always apply. We do recommend that you book a two-week holiday so that the wedding preparations can run smoothly, but a one-week holiday can also be accommodated.
You will need to have the following ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS (photocopies are not accepted). Failure to provide these original documents will result in your wedding being cancelled.




Maybe you have just started planning your wedding, and you’re feeling lost and overwhelmed (good point!)


Maybe your wedding is coming up, and you’ve suddenly realised that you need someone to deal with the paperwork, or get the best suppliers, organise the ceremony venue and make it look amazing, or manage your mother-in-law; perhaps even to tell you how to keep the little ones amused and set up the reception site – anyone that isn’t you of course (another good point!)


Maybe you just feel like you deserve a break? (This is by far the best point!)

I have to tell you – you have arrived, your fairy godmother in the guise of the Golden Weddings Group is here.

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